If you have received a gift certificate - lucky you!
Below is some information regarding the use of the certificate
as well as some T’s and C’s.
Please read through and if you have any questions please email me at: stephaniemooreart@gmail.com

What to do next…
Read the terms and conditions below.
Look through the website to see what style of portrait you would like and also view the prices.
Email me at stephaniemooreart@gmail.com quoting the reference number on your certificate and we’ll go from there!

You can add to the value of the certificate to get the portrait you want.
As with all portraits the remaining balance of the portrait, including postage will only need to be paid once the portrait is finished and you are happy with it.

The boring bit…
Terms and Conditions

Depending on it’s value the voucher can be exchanged for either the full value of a portrait or go towards the total cost of one.

Unless your certificate covers the full price of a portrait you will still need to pay a deposit, which as standard is £25 unless the remaining amount above the certificate value is less than £25 in which case the remainder minus postage costs will be taken as deposit.

For example:
Gift Certificate Value = £50
Portrait cost =£60 Plus postage =£70
Remainder to pay taken as deposit = £20

Deposits are taken from the total and not in addition to the full price.

Vouchers with an amount over £20 can not be used for purchase of a £20 sketch.

Postage and Packaging costs of £10 (UK ONLY) will be added to the order once the portrait is complete unless the postage costs have already been paid for as part of your gift certificate.
If the total cost of the finished portrait plus the £10 postage and packaging comes in at less than the value of the gift certificate then no extra charge will be made, however no change will be given on any remaining value.

Please keep the voucher in a safe place until fully booked in. Once the voucher expires it cannot be redeemed or re-issued. The expiry date is printed on the voucher.

This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

If the value of the voucher is more than the total cost of the item plus p & p no refund will be issued.

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